“Who was Jethro?” (believer in G-d or pagan)

One thought on ““Who was Jethro?” (believer in G-d or pagan)

  1. […] Moses, later in life, spends 40 years in Madyan (5). Here he marries the daughter of a Midian Priest. The priest’s name was Jethro. In about 1446 BCE Moses gets the call up from Adonai to led His people out of Egypt (Exodus 3:2-10). Moses then goes on a journey marked with challenges and miracles which brings him and the Israelites to the far side of the Red Sea (Exodus 4:18-17:16). Here his father-in-law Jethro visits him and hears all the magnificent things YHVH did for the Israelites. This prompted Jethro to honor YHVH with a burnt offering and sacrifices(Exodus 18:12). The next day Jethro shifts gears and intercedes with Moses on his organizational skills (Exodus 18:17-19). He teaches Moses methods of managing the Israelites (Exodus 18:19-26). Some pieces of the valuable advice Jethro gives are (6); […]


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