Why did Moses flee to Midian?


Why did Moses flee to Midian?
By: William J Jackson – https://www.facebook.com/CenterforTanakhBasedStudies

Well we knew that after killing the Egyptian Moses was trying to get away from Pharaoh.  For good reason Moses didn’t want to face an execution (Exodus 2:15).  But why run to Midian?

a. The first question comes to mind, if Moses was going to “be on the lam” why not go to Canaan?  Canaan was only 230 miles away (1) and a place of his ancestry? Although this makes good sense, the problem is Canaan was under Egyptian control (2). Moses was trying to escape Egyptian authority.

b. Midian was 285 miles (3) away from Egypt.  Quite a distance, especially in a time when most transportation was by foot.  Why so far? Simple, Moses needed to be away from Pharaoh’s authority that means away from areas controlled by Egypt.  For example, if you killed a man in Florida and escaped to Alaska, 6,000 plus miles away, (4) you would still be under the authority of the United states.

c. Also the Midianites would have been a great culture to blend into.  These where a nomadic race in Arabia, numerous, and rich in flocks, herds, and camels (Isaiah 60:6)

d.  Another important reason for Midian is that here Moses would meet a Midian priest by the name of Jethro. This would become very important to the future cause G-d would have for Moses.  But why Jethro?  This will be answered in the upcoming post titled “Who is Jethro”.



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