YHVH’s Color Blue

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YHVH’s Color Blue
By: William Jackson

Blue, amongst Americans, is our favorite color (1). It’s also popular in the Jewish culture. Evidence of this can be found in Chanukah and their national flag. Interestingly, YHVH incorporates blue within the tabernacle in such a way as to make one curious about it’s significance. For example, Lets look at these passages;

1. Loops of blue are attached to the corner of the tabernacle corner (Exodus 26:4).

2. A blue cord attaches the chest plate to the ephod (Exodus 39:21)

3. A blue robe was worn between the Priest and his ephod (Exodus 39:22)

4. A medallion saying “Holy to the lord” was attached with blue cord to the Priest’s turban (Exodus 39:31).

5. Everything within the tabernacle and the tabernacle itself was covered with blue cloth when it was moved (Numbers 4).

The Hebrew word used for blue in these passages is “tekeleth” (tek-ay’-leth). It signifies a spectrum of blue from sky blue to a deep dark blue, but can also indicate violet (2). Some say because blue is the color of the sea and sky, it represent the divine because God created it with such vastness (3). Still others explain that tekeleth, which can be seen as a blue-violet, is placed at the end of the color spectrum. Therefore when looking into the night sky, it can create a bridge between the physical sphere and the terrestrial world (4).

As we see in Exodus 24:10, Ezekiel 1:26 and 2 Chronicles 2:6 HaShem appearance, in scripture, seems accentuated by sapphire and the blue of heaven (5) . He even uses blue to mark His people in Numbers 15:37-38. Although blue can be viewed as the divine separation between us and God, it is possible HaShem uses this color to connect us to Him.


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