Two Weeks Past the Cross (On Boat Rocking)

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If you were in a boat with me and it started rocking, you could be assured that I wasn’t the one rocking it! Rocking boats never made it onto my resume’. Quite the opposite is true about me. I grew up in a home where boat rocking was dangerous. I learned quickly to be quiet and steady, with no visible rocking at all. This has served me well in my adult life, but it has held me back, too. Had I been a natural boat rocker when I first stepped into faith ten years ago, I would have rocked and rocked until I had no question marks in the margins of my Bible. Okay, that’s an exaggeration, be easy on me. I do not claim to hold all of the answers. But I am learning that those question marks I jotted in the beginning of my journey are all the ones regarding HaShem to be One. Not sharing His glory, not putting my Salvation in anyone’s hand but His own. By learning the answers to the question marks I made in the Old Testament writings (the Tanakh) so long ago, the ones I had in the new writings cleared up on their own. But I digress. I rocked the boat this week, I did! I came to the point where those closest to me, those with whom I have prayed, laughed, cried and rejoiced, had to be told that I was no longer praying in Yeshua’s (Jesus’) name, like they are. It took me all week to have those conversations. My spirit had shalom, but my palms were sweating, and I lacked the words to adequately express myself.

Because my greatest desire right now in my life is to bring glory to HaShem, I sought His prompting in my spirit for me to know when to share, and know when to be still. I didn’t rush. I wrote each note on my notepad, and waited. Little by little, I was able to discern when the time was right to approach each friend. I told them that I would be happy to speak with them over the phone about my decision, which is a regular event for me with for most of this group.  I explained that I wanted to message them first, so that they had time to consider what I was telling them, instead of putting them on the spot to reply. It didn’t take long for those replies to begin filling my inbox! Remember, Christianity teaches that if we walk away from Yeshua, we are damned, unable to be redeemed.  Furthermore, the New Testament writers tell them to deny those who’ve denied him. I’m so blessed to have friends concerned about my soul’s eternal fate! I understand their concerns, and I appreciate them. They are the same concerns I took into this study a year or so ago with me!

I sat with The Father as I read the responses, and then just sat quietly and waited until I had prayerfully considered each of my  answers before sending them. A third of the replies were quite surprising! It seems I am  not the only one in my circle of friends who’s had some serious questions regarding Yeshua’s role in HaShem’s plan, if he has one at all. The second third were pleasant. I had braced myself for the worst, but did not get it from these friends, even though they disagree with my decision. The third third was exactly what I was braced for. I’m truly glad I took the extra time with HaShem concerning this issue! I needed the extra shalom, patience and self-discipline I can receive from only Him before sending my replies to them. Their messages were rough and accusing, I won’t lie.

For the rapid-fire questions coming my way, I kept my answers short and polite. They wanted details, details, and more details! And some were primed to argue, no matter how many times I expressed that arguing was not my desire. After all, I didn’t ask any of them to deny Yeshua’s Saviorship. I only told them that I have. When they asked for all the Scriptures that made up my mind and for the supposed inaccuracies in the new writings, I definitely was nudged in my spirit for the reply. I simply told them that nothing I have found is hidden. It’s written in Tanakh in black and white, clearly. And the rest, the historical facts that were my third witness, are available through any search engine. The Scriptures say that when we seek HaShem with all of our heart, we will find Him. (Jeremiah 29)

My plan is to stay still while the dust settles. One of my sisters made a public proclamation that she and I are no longer walking in agreement, and why. Now my decision is public knowledge, instead of one on one conversations. That dust may take a spell to settle! But that’s okay, because there’s one thing I do understand now that I hadn’t quite grasped yet in my ten year journey. My purpose is to magnify the One True God. To walk with Him and within His statutes. To have a relationship with Him, and to do something good in this world while I’m sojourning here. He’s got everything else! See you next week, and remember, If you have acquired wisdom going through this same transition, I welcome it. And if you are here where I am, you are not alone! More people than you think have the same questions that started you on your quest! Most people are afraid to even mention their questions because, oh boy, does the boat rock then! Shalom If you’d like to add Teri-Jo C Leach as a FB friend go to:

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