8 Weeks Past the Cross (What was written on my Heart)

8 Weeks Past the Cross (What was written on my Heart)
BY: TCLeach at http://throughanewlens.blogspot.com

As I begin to sift through some new things I am learning, The Father stirs my spirit to recognize some things that He had already written on my heart. I studied for a year, looking for Jesus (whom I called Yeshua) in the Tanakh (The Old Testament) but my heart knew from the very first moment I realized that the Pass Over lamb never atoned sin that the doctrine of salvation I adhered to was subject to being an error. Worse, it may have very well been a manipulation propagated by the early “church” looking for docile subjects and their wallets. But I’m getting ahead of myself. This new revelation began with me sitting on the porch this morning, basking in the cool morning air with the warmth of the sun on my skin. HaShem “reminded” me of a poem I’d written many years ago on a similar morning in a very different place. He showed me how the poem had been a concept from the Tanakh, and not represented at all in the Christian Bible. Then, He began bringing to my mind several other items I had written that were really His Way, instead of the “Christian Way”, long before I walked away from the cross. I was really quite surprised as I began reading even my own writings through a new lens! I had seen, but had not yet “seen”.

I had walked in faith, claiming Yeshua to be my salvation, for nine years before that Pass Over revelation was given to me by HaShem. But from the beginning, He is showing me now, He had given me glimpses of His truth. They showed up in my writing, because my spirit was filled with them! I’d like to share just a few of the many things The Father had written on my heart, as I repent from casting shadows on these wonderful truths by practicing idolatry. All glory for what He has revealed to me goes to YHWH alone! I’d like to share the poem first, written as I watched fog roll up the valley on a cool Georgia morning. I was brand new in my faith, with nary a highlighter mark in my brand new Bible. I had just finished reading Numbers 35…

Dirty Ground
Georgia’s the same shade of green as in my dreams
and the air seems alive with unseen things…
Church steeples offer hope, shiny and bright
While the Klan still meets secretly in the night…
The hillsides are littered with crosses and graves
the land defiled by the blood of soldiers and slaves…
God holds treasures for the innocents who bled it
But the land can only be cleansed by the blood of those who shed it…

I saw another  thing I’d written in a piece called “I Have a Part in This”. It couldn’t have been any clearer, now that I see it with this new lens. The Father was showing me, I just wasn’t seeing it yet. I had broken down the 91rst Psalm into two parts; HaShem’s and mine. This was my summary to conclude:

…And so, I dwell, I say, I trust, and I shall not be afraid. I make my habitation in Him, I set my love upon Him, I know His name, and I call upon Him. In return, He will deliver me, and cover me. He will give His angels charge concerning me. He will set me on high and He will answer me. He will be with me in trouble and will honor me. He will satisfy me and He will show me salvation. On each of our parts, only one thing is repeated. For me, and for the sake of simplicity, this sums up the “my part, His part” regarding protection: I dwell in Him, He delivers me!

Here are excerpts from the opening paragraph and the closing paragraph from a piece I did called “Got Devotion?”  Oh, I saw, I just didn’t “see”!

…I was in the ~gasp~ Old Testament, those stories that no one expects us to mimic today, right? That being said, I couldn’t stop thinking about how much time was spent in the observance to our God in the Biblical Patriarch’s lives. As soon as I formed the ~why~ question in my mind, God laid a word on my heart. Oh, I love it when He does that! The word was ~Devotion~

…My list of things I do to show my own devotion is pitifully small in comparison to those Biblical examples! I praise, I worship and I obey (albeit not very well).  As that day drew to a close, I thought about these men and women in the Bible, and the glorious and wonderful things they were a part of. I thought about their devotion, and wonder if there’s a connection. A mezuzah, a prayer shawl and tefillin are just some of the things they utilized in God’s Name. They gave blessings. They fasted corporately, and feasted in the same way. They spent HOURS every day concentrating solely on their God, who happens to be ours, too.

I saw, but I didn’t “see”!

Another thing I noticed after pouring through countless of my own articles is that Yeshua was in less than five percent of them. I never felt the connection to him that most believers described. I used to feel guilty for that! When I published my first book, which was my own testimony, I only mentioned him once, and that was in reference to his name being Yeshua, not Jesus. That, my friends, my mother was quick to point out! But now I can see that The Father was drawing me to Himself, and not some “son of man”! What do you believe The Father showed you long before you “saw” it?

I’m so thankful I serve a God who reveals, and not one who conceals! My heart swells to bursting with praise, honor and glory to bestow on The King of the Universe \o/ I’ll “see” you next week. Until then, I will be diligently watching myself for mind-sets that Christianity has left within me. I’ll be being “brainwashed” by sound teachings, straight from Torah…HaShem knows how much I need it! I’ll be praying for you.