10 Weeks Past the Cross (Macaroni Jewelry)

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10 Weeks Past the Cross (Macaroni Jewelry)
BY: TCLeach at http://throughanewlens.blogspot.com

There are so many words dancing in my mind this week as I participate in the Counting of the Omer, that I’m not even sure which ones to lay down first-Whew! As I was praying the other day, I confessed to feeling a bit overwhelmed by all that I still have to learn. I want to please HaShem and walk righteously before Him, really I do! Until now, I hadn’t even been praying according to the examples and instructions found in Tanakh, for goodness sake! How would I ever learn to bring into my Covenant with HaShem all I should be bringing?

He patiently let me pour my heart out, and then a memory was stirred in my heart. It was so fuzzy around the edges, I wasn’t even sure which of my kids it was in the memory, but was overwhelmed anew by the feeling I was remembering. The memory was in high definition color. Little feet had quickly maneuvered the big steps of the school bus. I dropped to one knee to receive the opened-armed hug aiming toward me. My little one stopped short, however, beaming from ear to ear and extending a chubby fist. From that fist dangled a necklace made from macaroni noodles painted gold. Talking a mile a minute, my little one slipped the necklace over my head announcing excitedly, “I made it for you, Mommy!  I made it all by myself!” That moment had taken place more than twenty years ago, but the memory of what my heart felt right then is so real and powerful, I’m currently typing with tears in my eyes! HaShem had answered me even as I was praying! He allowed the memory to continue a few moments more, so that I could watch my reaction to the gift. Little eyes had looked up at me hopefully that day so long ago, asking, “Do you like it, mommy?” Having to swallow the lump in my throat before I could speak, I had taken my time lifting the necklace and examining it carefully. When I could trust my voice I exclaimed, “Like it? I LOVE it!! A gold necklace, just for me! Thank you, it’s a treasure!” I had meant those words with all my heart, and still have the necklace, even though only three macaronies have survived this long. HaShem was showing me, if my interpretation of the timing of the memory is correct, that He recognizes my efforts to be obedient for exactly what they are; my knowledge and understanding of Him on this day. It will grow. My genuine desire to please and honor Him through obedience and worship is valuable in His eyes!

As my children have grown, the gifts they give me have changed. I now receive something that reflects an area of my life I am passionate about; pens, journals, beautiful coffee mugs and things as such. One thing that hasn’t changed, though, is that moment of hope on their face when they ask, “Do you like it, Mom?” I do like it, oh, I do!

~May my own offerings of obedience, honor and mitzvot to HaShem always reflect a growing intimacy  with Him and an ever-deepening understanding of our Covenant through His Torah,~

Right now, I’m still handing Him macaroni.

This year, the Feasts and Holy Days, God’s Appointed Times, mean more to me than they have since my journey began. Beginning this year with Pass Over, I will complete my first cycle of Feasts and Times, giving glory only to HaShem, and observing them from the perspective given in Torah. Mind, heart and soul, I am “immersing” in each of these Days and the meanings behind them. I am being impacted in brand new ways! Sparks have ignited within me as I participate in the current series of Days we are in now. These are the Days of Counting Omer. On this side of the cross, the Counting has profound meaning behind it.

I started the Count causually enough, but quickly began to see a concept emerging. Was it a coincidence that The Father showed me the truth about who my Redeemer truly is just before Pass Over? Because let me tell you, as the Days of Counting go by, it is so easy for me to picture myself being liberated from Egypt that night so long ago! I wasn’t born in Egypt, but was born into christianity. Whether it was being walked out or not, in my house, it was the common religion of those around me.  I have much “culture” to unlearn, as did they in the Days of the Exodus! The Counting is helping me, as I’m sure it must have helped them on the way to the Mountain where they would soon be hearing from HaShem, and instructed in His Way, the Torah. As it was with them, a lot of instruction is going to be coming at me, too, viewing Scriptures through this new lens, it is wise to get centered and balanced beforehand!

Please Note: If your’re not familiar with the Counting of the Omer, I would encourage you to study it out, no matter where you are in your spiritual journey. In essence, one aspect of the Counting ia a spiritual “count” too. It is a reflective pocess, a self-evaluation, often taught through Biblical examples, to prepare our hearts to receive the TORAH. There are a plethora of teachings, commentaries and study aides available online. I try not to steer you, dear reader, in any teaching direction except toward Scripture. Finding study aides is a great idea, but a personal decision, to be made with HaShem’s guidance. He’ll get your eyes to solid teaching, based in His Word if you ask Him to. He is faithful to those with hearts inclined unto obedience!

As I Count, I am challenged to count my own level of compassion. To think about things that are counted miracles, To look at how I approach the subject of counting charity out with my actions. Oh, just about everything that moves me and fuels me is pulled up to have a light shone on it and be counted! I am compelled to align my will to the he Will of HaShem. I am entering into Covenant with Him, after all! I missed out on so much depth when I took a “Jesus did it all” attitude. I’m the one entering into this Covenant, the “doing” is a pleasure and a joy! So very meaningful! Why would I want to “not do”?

Just like the Children of Israel, I have set forth on a path that will lead me to “my land” and to HaShem! The Appointed Times are wonderful little check-points along this journey, deeply layered in meaning, and all pointing to my completion in The Father. In less than a week, I will receive Torah in an official ceremony on an official Feast Day. Shavuot. From there, I will continue to be led and taught through other Days and through that same Torah, as well as in prayer, until I come to the Appointed Day I am most in awe of this year…Yom Kippur. I tremble at the very thought of standing before The Father with my own behavior that was outside of His Statutes and Commands on the table between us! Intentional or not, I have not been perfect in many areas!  I am responsible for my own actions, and subject to the consequences thereof. Because of His loving mercy, I am able to repent, and to afflict myself on Yom Kippur before Him (with fasting) in recognition of my wrongness, asking forgiveness. Because of His grace, and for His glory, He will accept my macaroni offerings as though they were rare jewels! And until HaShem’s Messiah reigns (may it be soon and in our lifetime) we will mark the giving of the Torah each year, and walk through that Torah via  Appointed Times and Portions. One Perfect Day, that macaroni really will be golden! 🙂

I’ll “see” you next week, and will keep you in prayer. In the meantime, I hope you aren’t taking my word on any of this, but studying out the Appointed Times for yourself in Scripture. You’ll be so blessed!