Rise and Shine in the Community


BY: TCLeach at http://throughanewlens.blogspot.com

For the past several weeks, we have been taking a look at being the light inside of our own homes, and at shining light into our relationships. This week we will look at out stepping out the front door, and finding the places we can shine HaShem’s light as we go about our day. So far, we are looking at very general ways to obey the Scriptures that say we are to be light. We’re laying a foundation that we’ll build on in future posts, when we cover more specific areas that tend to fall into shadows. Marriage, teenagers, secular friends and pornography are just some of the issues that will be featured in future posts. The foundation of any light-shining will always begin within us, by making sure we are connected to the Light Source, our Father above us! Next we radiate to those nearest to us, those who reside under our roof. When we are aglow and we’ve illuminated our own home, we are ready to step out, into the community.

Please Note: If you are home-bound, there are still ways for you to impact your community! Later in this same post, you’ll also find some helpful hints!

It isn’t hard to find the need all around us! People are being overwhelmed by shadows, wanting nothing more than to have some light shone on them. Some goodness, to offer them a glimpse of hope. HaShem has endowed us each in some capacity to help others. Some have money to give. Some have talents to share, and some have the precious commodity of time to spend. Take a moment to think about what it is you have to offer. I have a condition that limits me physically, and because of it, I am also limited financially. But I have plenty of time to give, and having been on the receiving end of someone helping me with their time, I know it is valuable. Here are just a few of the places in our community where we can shine The Father’s Light:

  • Nursing Homes: Our seniors spent a lifetime serving their own homes and communities, yet often find themselves facing their final years alone. A simple phone call will reveal the need for volunteers in any facility. We can visit with these dear souls, read to them, or even organize an activity, like quilting or other hobby-based social gathering.
  • Hospitals/Veterans Hospitals: Again, a phone call to the Volunteer Coordinator will reveal the need for their patients. The Pediatric Unit is often short on people to sit with the very young who are hospitalized when their parents have to work. And anyone who is infirm could use a cheerful visitor, and a word of hope.
  • Schools: The amount of students who are carrying heavy home burdens to school is ever on the rise! Broken homes, addiction and poverty are spreading like a pandemic. It is easier to intervene in the lives of the young than it is to repair broken adults. Students need mentors, tutors, and people that encourage them to live up to their potential. Even if…especially if you have no kids in school, get involved in your local school system!
  • Habitat for Humanity: This program provides hard workers who struggle financially with the opportunity to experience home ownership. The home-owner works with volunteers to build their home from the foundation up. It’s not just hammers and saws, contact your local HFH office to find out how else you can help!
  • Shelter/Food Dispensaries: From the beginning, HaShem set up a system to care for the needy. Until the Messiah is in reign, the needy will not cease from our land. Most communities have programs in place, and most are very much in need of help! A little investigating will reveal where your help will best fit.

All of the places I listed above need your time. They need a human being to touch the lives of other human beings. Some of the places need your talent and skills. They need a human doing, not just a human being. A couple of them need some financial backing. They might have willing hands, but empty wallets. If we are serious about wanting to go about shining HaShem’s light, He will be faithful to provide us with opportunities to do so! Sometimes we have to be creative with how we can help others, but make no mistake, we CAN find a way to do it!

I mentioned earlier that there is something every believer can do to shine light in the community, even from home! If you’re unable to get out of the house for any reason, take courage! You can still help by giving from your checkbook, by sharing your talent or by investing your time. You just have to get even more creative. From home, and even without money, you can:

  • Reach out by phone to others who are home-bound. Sometimes a friendly call can really brighten someone’s day…maybe even your own!
  • Utilize the internet for the same reason. There are many, many lonely people in the world!
  • If you have a hobby  like knitting or a skill like sewing, you could make items to donate to homeless shelters, or women’s shelters.
  • Some organizations need volunteers to write letters or make phone calls. Call your local community center for ideas and suggestions.
  • If you are able, consider tutoring, or even babysitting for your neighbor.

We can be making a difference and shining HaShem’s light everyday! We don’t have to wait around for an opportunity to open for us, with some creativity, we can find an opportunity. Without question, the need is all around us. Go about doing good in the name of HaShem, go about being light. Reach out to needy hands with whatever resources you have to offer. Be known in your community for your kindness and love!

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