14 Weeks Past the Cross (Summer Upon Me)

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BY: TCLeach at http://throughanewlens.blogspot.com
14 Weeks Past the Cross (Summer Upon Me)

Did The Father stop you in your tracks at all this week? Did you have to set The Scriptures down to think over something you’ve read an hundred times, but just noticed that day? Did you catch yourself looking up and saying “Thank You!” ? I sure hope so! I think about you, dear reader, in between our “visits” here 🙂  Those who walked away from the cross before me have been a fountain of encouragement, wisdom and understanding along my journey. Those who walked away at the same time as me are valuable sounding boards and unending support as I navigate through all of this new information. And those who are walking just behind me (or even just glancing toward my path) keep me motivated to share my journey. Not because my story is special, but because it’s good to know what to expect when you decide to walk away from the cross. It’s good to know that struggles are common, even in the life of believers! Unique in their form, yet common in their occurrences.

This marked my fourteenth week of walking away from Christianity in any form. If you’ve been following along, you know that I have been living in a whirlwind of new concepts. I realized I had to tear out even my foundations to begin rebuilding my own spiritual identity in HaShem alone. Without question, my task is taking time, but I am getting there. I think that it’s significant that HaShem called me out right at Pass Over time. I discern in my spirit that this first cycle of Feasts is very important and symbolic for me  in my journey. I was called out at Pass-Over, I stopped eating leavened bread, spiritually and physically for the Week of Unleavened Bread,  and I received HaShem’s Word at Shavu’ot at the base of Mt Sanai. I am very much looking forward to fall, and to experiencing those Feasts! The first will be Rosh Hashanah, marking the “Jewish” New Year, and then will come the one I am waiting for most, the one  I think will be a turning point for me in the unseen realm. Yom Kippur, the day for atonement. It is circled in red on my calendar! I love the little word play here: at-one-ment…atonement, at-one-ment with HaShem!  This will be a highly personal experience for me, my first ever. There are no words to express how important it is to me this year.  After that, I’ll be having a week-long celebration observing Sukkot! Somewhere in there, a new Torah Cylcle will begin, and I will begin it in right-standing with God, because of the Day of Atonement.  For me, this yearly cycle of Feasts hold such personal meaning, beyond what they represent in Scripture. They are my mile-stone markers in my very first year of calling God ONE. Oh, yes, I believe the Fall Feasts will bring me to a new depth of relationship (and covenant) with Him! In the mean time, I have this chunk of summer to prepare myself for all of the upcoming Appointed Times, and I have purposed in my heart to use my time wisely.

I intend to spend the summer in study, finishing up some projects I’m already committed to, and beginning others that pertain to this new perspective that I am seeing in Scripture through this new lens. I am almost half done with a macro-study of the Tanakh (reading it in 68 days), and am still in the beginning of a micro-study on Job. Although I am not compelled to convert to Judaism at this time, I’m still investigating the history of things like The Talmud, Jewish Tradition and the Oral Law. Any opinion I may have held concerning them before now was stained by the “two-gods-in-one” theology I have just walked away from. I am looking at the concept of Kabbala, and studying the moon cycle and what astrology means here on this side of the cross. I am trying to fit in some lessons on the Hebrew Language in, but that project is slow going! I am doing all of these studies with the Torah as my starting point, center point, and ending point. It is my ultimate authority. I know if I keep up with the weekly Torah Portions, I am being exposed  to The Father’s Statutes and Commands, His will for His creation.  It is the my path’s light.  But none of the studies I have ever done or will ever do are to be a replacement for an up close and personal relationship with The Father!

The layers to His Scriptures seem endless, don’t they? Perhaps they are. I intend to spend the rest of the summer, and of my life, peeling those layers back.  I always have to remind myself, though, that there was a time when the Words weren’t yet written. The only way to walk with HaShem then was to actually do it! Spending more time with Him is my biggest “study” goal this summer! I know from experience that whenever I take the time to get alone with Him, and I get quiet, I become aware that He is. Often, these quiet moments are when I receive direction, or even a concept that is new to me. This is when I’m happiest that the Words have been written, and that I have unlimited and extensive access to them!

I hope you intend to walk closer to HaShem this summer, and that He will bless your endeavors to do so. I’ll be here, waiting for the Fall Feasts…

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