Week 16 (Stepping Away From an Oasis)

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BY: TCLeach at http://throughanewlens.blogspot.com
Week 16 (Stepping Away From an Oasis)

Yesterday was the day for me to make my blog post here, but not a single sentence would emerge through my finger tips! As a rule, I don’t force a post. When I do, my work is shoddy at best. It is only when I’m true to what The Father lays on my heart that my writing has substance. Sometimes, He lays nothing on me. Perhaps that’s to remind me that not one iota of my writing ability is my own. All in all, I’d have to say that’s a good thing, lest I become prideful regarding a talent that is from Him, and not of my own merit. I actually quit blogging for a year once when I realized I was more concerned about the ranking of my blog than I was about whether or not it was glorifying HaShem. When He “released” me to write again, I was (and am) careful not to fall into that trap again! Since the beginning of my journey on this Narrow Path, He has had me sharing my experiences, even the messy and embarrasing ones, for others who might be in similar situations. Sixteen weeks ago, I found myself back at a “kindergarten” level of writing. This has been a tough adjustment for me! To go from “algebra” level back to the basic “ABCs”  has been a frustrating endeavor, but will end up being an endeavor of growth, I know! I was so sure, back then, of what I thought I knew. After realizing that I had no idea how huge my God truly is, I am brand new at this again, just in a different way. I am truly out of my comfort zone here at “Looking Through a New Lens” and am so thankful that you, dear reader, are understanding and supportive of me!

This week, I have been thinking of how The Father led me to right where I am today. I wonder often why He let me walk through Christianity and then the Messianic Movement, instead of just revealing the truth of His “Oneness” to me right from the start. Perhaps in some ways, He did. When I opened my first Bible ten years ago, of course I started in John, where all the pastors suggested. When I got to Genesis, I began to see the plan HaShem has for Israel, and the beauty in that plan. I remember wondering why everyone wasn’t Jewish!  Right around that time, The Father woke me up in the middle of the night with the phrase, “Lost Sheep Oasis”. I felt Him tell me to write it down, which I did in my prayer journal. I had no idea what it meant or what I was to do with it. From time to time I thought about it, sure that I had heard from Him, but it was almost two years before I did anything with it. A teaching that I watched finally shed some light on “Lost Sheep” and it finally “clicked” in my mind! It was then that my “Lost Sheep Oasis” blog was born. I finally felt as though I had found my “place”. The blog, and it’s “sister page” I kept on Face Book generated many good things, and connected me with so many believers!  But, alas, what does one do with “Lost Sheep Oasis” when one is no longer lost?

It turns out that “LSO” was for me exactly what the words implied when  HaShem dropped them into my spirit so long ago. It was an oasis where I sat quietly and sipped from the well of His goodness. It was an oasis where I sat to nibble knowledge, and to share it the best way I knew how. When I made the decision to walk away from the cross and all that the Christian writings taught, I knew I would have to say goodbye to that oasis, too, but wasn’t quite sure how to do that. The oasis felt like part of me, and my readers were important to me. I believed I had two options:

A) Delete the page
B) Begin sharing the new things I am learning
Neither of those options left me with Shalom. It is not for me to change anyone’s direction but my own. If you’ve been walking for any length of time with HaShem, you know that “no shalom” means I hadn’t found the answer yet. Neither of my perceived options was the correct one. I knew there must be an option “C”! I spent ten days in prayer about it, seeking an option that would bring that shalom. I’m not sure why, but HaShem had me leave the FB page in tact, with one “final post” This is what that post said:

~It’s a special day here at the Oasis! It’s The Sabbath Day, and the start of a brand new year on the Scriptural calendar. It also marks five years since God whispered the  phrase “Lost Sheep Oasis” into my spirit with an instruction to write it down. It stayed on my heart for two years, and ultimately, became the inspiration for this page. Today I see the concept behind the phrase in its completion.

The Oasis is a temporary place. As I scroll through three years of postings this morning, I can see that the Oasis has been a place of refreshment and learning for me. A journey that I was called to share, for His glory and not a number of “Likes”. I have stayed true to that calling, trusting Him to ensure each post got set in front of eyes that needed a word of encouragement. Sometimes, those eyes were my very own!

I feel Him calling me out of the Oasis this year, and drawing me even nearer to Him. Ten years into my faith walk, I know I have only begun! Who can know Him, right? And yet, that remains my heart’s desire. To know Him. To magnify Him so much by how I live that’s it’s Him people will see when they look upon my life and legacy!

What stretches before me hasn’t been revealed yet, but that’s okay! I know where to find revelation… it has been written in The Father’s Word. That, my friends, is where you’ll find me camping until He gives me new “Marching Orders”.

I have very much enjoyed the fellowships I have formed here! I think of each of you, and pray for you often. I welcome continuing fellowship, and can still be reached by message here on FB, until they deem this page inactive and zap it all gone. If you prefer, my personal e-mail address is.


I will miss my time in the Oasis God sent me to, and draw from the lessons learned here as I move forward on the Narrow Path. Thank you for being a part of my journey, and may the Shalom of Sabbath fall upon you!~(3/21/15)

I’ve wondered ofen in these past few months why He had me keep the page there, being that there are some posts about Jesus/Yeshua (albeit not many) and some concepts found in Christian writings, but not found in the Scriptures. Perhaps He will use it as a path for others to draw closer to Him and His truth, I do not know, but I do know He has led me to leave the page up. I look forward to the day when someone will ask me about that fork in my road, because even without any new posts, the page continues to receive an audience, “likes” and comments. May it continue to inspire others to draw near to Him, where He can reveal truth to them!

I can’t say I am happy to say good-bye to the “Oasis”, it feels like an old friend. But I am no longer a “Lost Sheep”, the truth in Scripture has “found” me, and an Oasis is only a temporary resting place in the desert. I have much sand to trudge through on my way to His Kingdom. I’ve filled my canteen, and headed out into the sun, to relearn my “ABCs”! I’m so glad you’re along with me!

“See” you next week! May The Father keep you and bless you.

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