Week 17 Past the Cross (My Rose-Colored 3D Glasses)

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Week 17 Past the Cross (My Rose-Colored 3D Glasses)
BY: TCLeach at http://throughanewlens.blogspot.com

My grandloves came home from the theater, each with a pair of 3D glasses. When the house got quiet that night, I sat looking at a pair, and The Father started “showing” me some things about those glasses, as well as the new lens I have been looking through. Don’t you just love it when He does that? The movie the kids saw can be enjoyed without the glasses, but those glasses “revealed” another dimension to the film that was already there, just not visible to the naked eye. HaShem showed me that once I traded in my Jesus glasses for Torah glasses, a whole new dimension of Scripture opened up for me, too. Not one word has changed in the ten years I’ve been reading, but I’m seeing so much more!

My Jesus glasses were blood red. They tainted everything I saw in the Sacred Writings! Like we see in the crime-dramas, blood leaves an almost permanent stain. I looked at forgiveness through a veil of blood, as well as sin. Heaven and “Hell”, my enemies, my relationships, everything was tinted crimson red. If Torah says the life is in the blood, and Jesus’ blood was allegedly shed, that’s death, not life. In tossing out those glasses, as well as all deadly Christian doctrines, I am choosing life. Throwing out those Jesus glasses left me with a magnifying lens, like the picture that adorns this very blog site. Now I’m ready for the glasses that I’ll wear all day long. They will represent the filter with which I will view the world, and The Father who created it. If you’ve ever been to an eye-glass store, you know I have plenty of options to choose from!

I’m going to pass on the “Me Glasses”. I wore those before I walked with my Creator, and saw the results of living for myself. The price I paid for living that life bankrupted me, financially, physically, and emotionally. I’m not interested in the “Right Glasses” either. People who wear them convinced me those were not the glasses I want! To go around thinking that I was always right, that my way was the only way, would make me look like them. They ride high horses, but quite frankly, high horses poop a lot. I’m going to walk past any “Bitter Glasses” I see. Bitter turns an otherwise lovely face ugly as soon as one slides them on. Bitter people miss living their life because all their focus is on the source of the bitterness. I’m 50. I don’t want to waste another moment of my life! The “Henny-Penny” glasses aren’t my style. Propagating conspiracy theories, spreading ill-will, and making stupid people famous are huge wastes of my time. The “Rabbinical Glasses” don’t quite fit me. I have the utmost respect for them, but I do believe those glasses are only for those whom HaShem has written a “prescription”.  Mayhap He’ll lead me there, and mayhap He won’t. But He hasn’t today.

The glasses I am putting on today are rose-colored. Unlike blood-red, the color associated with rage and danger, rose casts a pleasant tint. A rose tint is soft and gentle. Rose mellows the edges of harsh glares. Rose speaks of romance, of wonder, of awe. Rose is in the sunrise, and  covers the garden wall with dew-kissed blossoms. I crave beauty and shalom, both are colored in rose. Like a rose-tinted scarf around a lampshade changes the whole atomsphere in a room, my rose-colored glasses are changing the atmosphere for the things I look at. My Creator, Himself, made this glasses 3D for me. The three elements He created them with are Discernment, Dedication (to His Word) and Decisive Action according to that Word. These glasses have a lifetime (and beyond) guarantee that if they ever need adjustment, HaShem will will make those adjustments. I need only get quiet before Him and allow Him to correct my vision! What glasses will you wear?

“See” you next week, and until then, please know that you are in my prayers as you seek The Father yourself, and get fitted with glasses of your own. 👓