18 Weeks Past the Cross (A Quiz for You)

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18 Weeks Past the Cross (A Quiz for You)
BY: TCLeach at http://throughanewlens.blogspot.com

It seems as though all the rage is the little quizzes getting passed around on Facebook. Have you ever noticed that all the results are similar? They conclude that:

You are a sensitive soul, family is your priority.
You have a spirit of an eagle, always ready to fly high.
You are kind and generous, people often take advantage of you.
You like things orderly, you are a leader.

Funny, isn’t it, that we never see results like:

You really need to get it together.
Your personality is drab, no wonder you don’t have friends.
You will never accomplish anything.

Even funnier is that we are drawn to these things. We already know that whether we like peppers on our pizza or not, it doesn’t affect who we are in the realm of our spirit, yet we still take the quizzes. Have you ever wondered why they are appealing? Could it be that we are so deprived of a healthy self-image that we resort to accepting it from an inaccurate quiz, made by people who are only interested in circulating their own web domains? For curiosity’s sake, I have even taken the quizzes, giving all the worst possible answers, only to still receive a wonderful summary about who I am and how I tick. It’s not wrong to take a fun little quiz, but perhaps our time would be better spent on a quiz that has us take a real look at ourselves. A quiz that gives us a realistic look at our own state of affairs. A quiz that makes us come up with some honest answers about ourselves. One that has no right or wrong answers, just a mirror to gaze into. We might actually find some things out that we haven’t addressed yet…both good and bad. In my opinion, a healthy self-check quiz would look something  like this:

Do You Know Yourself?

1)   Name one childhood dream you have accomplished. ~If you can’t remember any of your childhood passions and dreams, you would greatly benefit from digging up the memories you have stowed away. We change a lot as we mature, but often, our initial hopes and aspirations are still within our hearts, and are drowned out in our thoughts by the static in this world. Get in touch with your own “little you” and find out what there is to explore!

2)   Name one dream you’ve had to let go of. ~Not every dream we’ve carried since we were small is going to come true. I had to let go of a huge one, the dream that someday I would meet a human being who would never hurt me or let me down. That human doesn’t exist, simply because humans are ALL flawed. I have sabotaged several good relationships because the other party didn’t live up to this unrealistic expectation I carried. Letting go of that dream still stings, but I can face reality and be honest with myself about it.

3)  What is one thing others don’t know about you? It’s okay to not tell everyone everything about yourself, in fact, it’s probably wise! But if you are constantly hiding aspects of yourself from even your closest friends, red flags should be waving in your vision. Examine the things you keep hidden honestly. What is your motivation behind keeping mum? Perhaps what you’re hiding has no good place in your life and needs to go. Perhaps what you hide should be shared, to encourage others that they are not alone. Maybe in exposing the hidden, you will find empowerment to make any needed changes. Remember, there is nothing more beautiful than an authentic “you”!

4)  Name one thing you are lying to yourself about today.  Don’t be shy, no one is going to see your answer but you! I’ll go first to break the ice. I lie to myself when I procrastinate. I tell myself as I’m setting something aside that I’ll “get to that” tomorrow…or maybe next week (for sure by then)!  Six months later I find whatever project it was, now insignificant or incomplete. To combat this lying to myself I’ve adopted the “why not now?” philosophy when the question of “when” pops up. Whether it be a phone call to make (why not now?) or some Scriptures I want to look up (why not now?) or a new eating plan (why not now?) or that dreaded exercise routine I know I need daily (why not now?). Even for an article I’ve been assigned that I know has a deadline, I have learned to ask myself “Why not now?” What is the lie you tell yourself? Can you come up with a way to shine the truth on that lie, and a way to counteract it? Act now! Life is short. There is no greater deception than deceiving yourself.

5)  Does your walk match your talk? Chew on this one for a moment. If it’s your belief that God is in control, are you calm in the face of adversity, or wringing your hands until they ache? Do you gossip? Make hateful posts about others, even if they are true? Do you bring supplies from work to use at home? If you will be brutally honest here with this question, you may glean some insight regarding the condition of your spiritual well-being!

6)  Are you clearing time to spend with God? “I don’t have time to read Scriptures or pray everyday!” is a LIE! The truth is, we make the time for the things that are most important to us. When we only give God a passing glance in our day, we will not receive the wholeness that can only be found in Him. This wholeness takes effort on our part. It takes time. Time spent in His Word and in one on one communication with Him, AKA prayer. If God really is the most important thing in your life, your schedule will revolve around a relationship with Him.

7)  Can people rely on a promise from you? Make sure that they can! There are two ways to approach this. (A) Purpose in your heart to honor every promise you make and then do it, or (B) Stop making promises before you’ve given the issue careful thought and consideration. Identify your boundaries and examine why you make promises you don’t keep. Being prepared ahead of time will prevent you from being caught off-guard. Master  the words “I promise” don’t let them master you! Integrity is a solid character trait, aspire to achieve it, always.

8)  What are you really good at?  It’s okay to know and admit to what you’re good at! Take some time with this one, and enjoy it! Can you list 50 things? 100? You just chuckled, didn’t you? I ain’t mad at ya, there are 100 things, I promise! We live in a society that makes money from those who have a poor self-image. Don’t think for a moment that advertisers haven’t figured out how to plant seeds of self-doubt. The truth is, everyone has room for improvement, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be comfortable in our own skin, right where we are now. Our successes can’t be compared to those of others. Our path is as unique as our skills, talents and destiny. So improve in areas you want to, but don’t fall prey to what others say you should be!

9)  What are your three best physical features? Take a solid look in the mirror. If you haven’t been altered by a plastic surgeon’s knife or an horrific episode that left scars, then the reflection shows how you were created to look. Knowing that The Creator makes no mistakes, how can you hate how you look? This was a big “Aha!” moment for me! I look like I was created to look! I have a nose that won’t look good with glasses perched on it, no matter what, shoulders that are “manly” (in my humble opinion) and a plethora of flaws that I’ll spare you from reading. But, you know what? At 50, I am finally at complete peace with how I look. If I don’t measure up to society’s standards for beauty, so what? I measure up to the One in whose image I am made. Since He has no form at all, I can know His  “image” is referring to the non-physical attributes I have. Those are what matter! Even beauty queens will succumb to their flesh aging until it dies. Find your own beauty in exactly how you look…it’s there, in everyone!

10) What is your greatest fear? What if it comes true? Sometimes that’s the best way to conquer fear, to look it square in the face. Most often, you are the one torturing yourself over that fear in the arena of your thought life. Like a wound that won’t heal if you continually rip the scab off, the fear you allow to monopolize your thoughts is never quelled. Examine your fear under the light of Scriptural truths, and take the steps necessary to conquer it. Your fear is killing you spiritually, and if your spirit isn’t healthy, it will affect your physical health, as well.

…..please wait while the results of your quiz are being calculated…..

Congratulations, Your test results indicate that you’re HUMAN! There is something that you do because you’ve wanted to do it since you were young, and there’s something that you won’t be able to do that you’ve always wanted to, and it breaks your heart. There’s something you keep to yourself for whatever reason you tell yourself. If you’re honest with yourself, you’ll find there are areas where your walk does not match your talk, and your time alone with The Father isn’t as long as you’d like it to be. You have some wonderful qualities and talents, and a favorite aspect of your appearance. Spend some time getting to know yourself. Think about why you do what you do. Pay attention when you’re feeling ill or when your peace leaves you. These are warning signs that something is out of alignment, spiritually. The more you know about yourself and the more you are honest with yourself, the easier it will become to walk in the purpose for your life…to know and honor The Father and His Torah, and to walk in covenant with Him!

I hope you enjoyed the quiz. I took it as I wrote it, and learned a thing or two about my own self! Until next week, friends, be blessed and be excellent!