Week 26 Past the Cross – (I Stand With Israel)

Looking Through a New Lens
Week 26 Past the Cross – (I Stand With Israel)
By Terrie C

This week’s post is shorter than normal. We are in smack in the middle of the High Holy Days, and that’s where our thoughts should be. I only interrupt them for a moment, thinking about what “Standing with Israel” really looks like. May you and yours be richly blessed during these Fall Feasts!

Tuesday marked my 26th week since walking past the cross. The cycle of Feasts this year have been so much more important to me because of this new path I’m on. Like everything in Scripture, I am viewing the Feasts through a new lens. No more taping a picture of a “son of man” over them. Psalm 146 clearly states that there is no help from a prince, or in the “son of man”. It’s YHVH who is God, and the Feasts and Holy Days are for His glory and according to His plan. I’ve seen so many posts on Facebook that declare one “Stands with Israel”. But just what do they mean by that? For me, it is a very literal thing. Standing with them, not just in support of or in prayer for them. With them. For this New Year on the Biblical Calendar, I have purposed in my heart to be more aware of where I stand and why I stand with Israel. I’m going to do it like it’s done in Scripture.  As per the Eighth Chapter of Zechariah, I have grabbed hold of the Tzitzit of a Jew. I stand behind Israel’s right to walk in the Torah they were entrusted with, and their right to exist as a Nation. I am a sojourner in a foreign land, looking to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and His eternal Ways.

This year, I have purposed to Stand With Israel in new ways that draw me ever near to their God, who is my God. I have placed Jerusalem on my ipad’s clock, right next to “Florida time”. For any Holy Day that arrives this year, I am going to adjust for the time difference, and take a moment to mark exactly when they are blowing the Shofars in Israel. Imagine how it must sound in God’s ears, when He hears from all of His Children at once! I know getting my four (adult) children to sync their calendars for us all to gather on one day is really special! Imagine how much more so for our Heavenly Father! Oh, I will still observe all “sunset” festivities on my time, but to know that Israel is doing it seven hours ahead of me makes me want to share a Shofar blast with my brothers Judah, Israel, and all sojourners (like me) that stand with them!

This is the year that I have come to agree with God regarding all the things He says about Himself in the Tanak, giving glory only to Him. I hope that you will take time to learn what He says about Himself, and spend much time contemplating it. When I began to study it out, I had hundreds of Scriptures to refer to! The following is a (very) condensed list of what He has to say about who He is, and how I shall perceive Him:

  • He is One (Deuteronomy 6)
  • He is Redeemer (Isaiah 47)
  • He is Healer (Exodus 15)
  • He is Salvation (Psalm 68)
  • He is the only Savior (Isaiah 43)
  • He is unequal to any (Isaiah 40)
  • He shares His Glory with no one (Isaiah 42)
  • His is the Name I am to call on (Psalm 91)
  • He is Deliverer (Psalm 18)
  • He is Judge of all the Earth (Genesis 18)

My days of idolatry are behind me. My days of calling on any other name are over. There is no mediator to cover my sin, so says the Second Chapter in 1 Samuel.  I repent, I walk right before Him, and I am forgiven, according to Ezekiel 18. The next Holy Day, Yom Kippur, is the day atoning our sin before Him is the culmination of this process.

The Shofar blasts for Rosh Hashana are still reverberating through my spirit, waking that which has been slumbering in me, and calling me to remember the One who delivered His Children from Egypt, and presented them with His perfect Torah at Sinai.

I hope that if you proclaim to stand with Israel, too, that God will take us both into the deeper implications of that statement! He has a plan for Israel, and for all who stand therewith. I can #bestillandknow that “Am Israel Chai”… Israel Lives!

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