38 Weeks Past the Cross – Beyond the Seen

Looking Through a New Lens
38 Weeks Past the Cross – Beyond the Seen
By Terri C 

It’s so hard to explain being taught directly from our Creator, isn’t it? Yet, because we were created with reasoning abilities, we try to explain nonetheless. Sometimes we receive revelation simply. A verse of Scripture might “light up” for us in a way we have never thought about before. Suddenly, BOOM! We “get” it. We see what we have been looking at all along in a different light, or through a new lens. I love when that happens! Sometimes, revelation comes in those little day to day moments when we can almost feel God “nudge” us. I experience this a lot when I’m gardening. I’ll feel that nudge and I’ll “know” that God is showing me something about Himself in my garden. And about my life. Weeds, pruning, hydration and proper light exposure….my garden is much like my walk with my Creator.  I love those nudges!


There are other revelations, though, that require time and effort on our part, wouldn’t you agree? These begin as a niggling on a spiritual level. A “perking” of the ears for something we know we should be hearing, but aren’t. It’s just an inkling, but it’s there. We know God is setting us up to learn about a whole new facet of Him. When it comes to my own life, the tougher truths about myself seem to come this way. I get the revelation, and it’s about me! Slowly, and through much prayer and study. And I have to have a willingness to be wrong in what I currently think about Him, or to admit any wrongness in my own actions. Perhaps these revelations take longer because they are the ones that point out change is going to have to happen on my part, and I can be hard-headed. Perhaps, though, it is because of God’s mercy, grace and kindness that He allows me to digest information little bits at a time, and see how all the bits will eventually fit into a bigger picture.


Instant revelations are always so joyous, but these “long hard look” approaches are life-changing!  For almost a month now, I am having a long hard look at walking in health, according to the Scriptures. I have not yet come to the point where I can type out a nice conclusion of what I’ve learned, because I’m still smack-dab in the middle of learning it. Or maybe a little closer to the beginning of learning it, LOL! A serious health issue brought this whole subject front and center for me. A condition that could have proved fatal, and with quickness. It’s by YHVH’s hand that it didn’t, and it was a serious wake-up call for me to start regarding health like He does. I already had health issues when I began walking with Him. How could I have not? I spent my adult life eating for pleasure and not nourishment. I set no boundaries, no guidelines. I abused the privilege of having a healthy body and over-used it often, while neglecting its basic care needs. In my Christianity, I “named and claimed” all the health verses, without ever stopping to think about what I was contributing to my own health level. In my Messianic Christianity, I started “marching” out His commands, thinking surely that would bring health, it was just a matter of time. In short, I grew complacent in exactly where I was physically, and learned how to be thankful in the midst of pain. I haven’t  yet learned all He wants me to learn about health, though, or I wouldn’t have had this experience at all, I’m sure.


I’m glad that the things He “shows” me have a general progression and are ever-deepening in meaning. I have already grasped the concept that all that touches my life has either been orchestrated by HaShem or allowed by Him. When I fell ill, my only prayer wasn’t for healing, although I certainly asked! My prayer was for healing through knowledge and application. “What will you have me learn here?” was my prayer every time I was tempted to despair in my situation. Being faithful as only He is, my questions don’t long go unanswered if I am tuned in to listen for His reply. Affirmation after affirmation has been set before these eyes in the last three weeks, and it is all sticking to a theme. Like I said, I know my lesson is far from over, but I can tell you with confidence that the theme is “See beyond the seen”.


I could “see” how sick I was. My condition was very visible, and the numbers on the thermometer quite clear. My intellect understood the events in the breakdown of my immune system and how my defenses were aided by all-natural remedies. I know, though, that God wants me to see more. He wants me to understand the relationship between spiritual ailments and physical ones. He wants me to know how my spirit can be sick, too, without me even realizing it. He wants me to connect some dots, and to learn this new facet of His provision.


It’s taken me fifty years to reach the physical condition I stand in today. I’m thinking I won’t be “healed” by next Wednesday, although God could certainly do that if He willed. I’m thinking He teaching me about the healing, and about the Healer. Until the day I do stand healed, I will be working on the things He’s been showing me and setting before my eyes. Seeing beyond the seen. My list looks something like this, still in rough-draft form:



  • What infects the spirit? Pride. Speech. Motive. Sin. My own bad choices.
  • What heals the spirit? God, through me learning to conquer my own evil inclination, and walking in obedience. Scripture study. Prayer. Doing good. Pursuing peace. Speech. Motive.
  • What really satisfies? God. Having a clean conscience. Gratitude. Realizing the Source. Conquering physical appetite (if it is contrary to spiritual health). Rising above the worldly problems I can not change. Conquering my own personal problems, which I can change. Speech. Motive.
  • What needs does the body have? Nutrition. Exercise. Cleansing. Hydration. Respect. Work. Rest.
  • How can I better connect the spiritual with the physical within myself? Prayer and meditation. Exposure to fresh air and sunshine. Being more self-aware. Speech. Motive. Intent.
  • How can I find health, even after being sick for so long?



*Note: Do you see how many times “speech” and “motive” appear in the above list? I’m thinking that isn’t coincidental, and will be looking very closely at those two elements to my overall health! How about you? Have you conquered them both yet, or do you have some work to do in that area, like me?


You may notice that the last item on my list has no follow-up notes. That’s because I haven’t discovered them….yet! Each item could be a full post on its own, and very well might be one day. As soon as I have that last follow-up completed! You see, I “believe” that I can and will find that health, but here on this side of the cross, just “believing” would leave me right where I was when I thought I had the authority to heal in Christianity. Still sick. Without the one who claims I can have anything I ask for (if I ask it in his name) I have some accountability in the state of my own health. I don’t have to “just believe” in healing, because the details for good health have been laid out in the Torah. My part in my health condition is to learn them and to apply them to my life. And so I aim to do just that. To find that health by finding the Healer and learning what He would have me learn. My list is merely a starting point. It’s where my head and heart are in my tenth month past the cross. My list contains the things in my life I’ll be taking a long hard look at, to know where my repentance needs to occur. I promise that there will be a part two for this post, but cannot promise when it will be. Only that I will be healthy when it is written. I can promise, though, that I will not stop seeking God’s healing and health, by aligning my life to more closely resemble His word. I hope that if you are dealing with some physical afflictions and limitations that you will be inspired to  cry out to our Creator for wisdom, and then have the discipline to see past what you can see, and be touched by His healing “hand” too.  “See” you soon and good health to you!