48 Weeks Past the Cross – Riddle Me This

Looking Through a New Lens48 Weeks Past the Cross – Riddle Me This
By Terrie  C


As the cross that represents Yeshua begins to fade in my “rear-view” mirror, I honestly don’t even give it much thought anymore. Maybe when I mark my first year of using only Tanakh as Scripture, I’ll change the name of my Blog from “Looking Through a New Lens” to “Looking Through a Different Lens”. After the initial shock of everything being different “over here”,  things really do begin to fall into place! As I walk out the last of my first year away from the cross, I thought I’d make a post directed at those who might be having questions of their own right now, and feel like there’s no one they can ask without being called a heretic.


Note: If you have already walked away from the cross, or were never camped out under it, this post will be a repetition of a story you’re hearing more and more these days. As always, though, your thoughts and opinions, as well as your own story, are always welcomed and encouraged in comments section of my posts! Feel free to share this to your own site, too, if you feel led to do so. You might be surprised by who has great questions of their own, but  no one to ask.


Now, if you have question marks in the margins of your new testament, this post is for you! I don’t claim to have any “secret” answers, and don’t claim to know something you do not. Anything I know is written in the Tanakh (Old Testament), which houses the Torah (the five books of Moses). These are God’s instructions to His own.  We come to a point when we understand that if it isn’t in Tanakh, then it “isn’t”. The end is from the beginning, and every answer can be found there. Nothing gets added, nothing taken. It is with this mindset that you will begin to find the answers to those question marks. If you’ve tried to google for those answers, you found a hundred contradictory teachings, didn’t you? Take heart! You can learn something from them all. You learn how to study Torah for yourself. God made a door for each of us to touch Him at our level of understanding. Once we walk through the door, that level will deepen. No matter where you are on your journey, His written Word will “speak” to you! For too long, we have let others tell us what all the verses “mean”. But put some credit to seeing them in black and white with your own eyes! Give due credit to context! When you see that it doesn’t add up, search deeper, don’t let anyone tell you to “take it on faith”, for it has already been written!


I share my rambling thoughts every week or so because I want others to know that their questions can be the beginning of a great quest! If you aren’t familiar with my journey, here it is in a nutshell:


~There were already about fifty question marks in the margins of my KJV new testament when a sister walked away from the cross. I decided then to look for Yeshua in the Old Testament so I could say for myself that I saw him there with these very eyes. Not shrouded in parables that some preacher showed me, but him… someone who paid for the whole world’s sin debt. I didn’t say a word to anyone about my year-long study, and didn’t ask anyone questions, lest their opinion should sway me.  I took the list of prophecies Yeshua was credited to fulfilling with me to research each one in context, as well as my list of those question marks. I never found him in that OT. I could only find YHVH, my redeemer and savior and the One True God, who shares His glory with no one.~


From the beginning of this journey, I have been led to only share my questions, and not the answers I found. You see, our Creator grants revelation, not this girl. Perhaps you’ll see your own question in my list. Perhaps my list will spark a question in your spirit. Either way, I share it, hoping that you will continue digging and seeking.  God says that we will find Him when we seek with all our hearts, and isn’t that the goal, finding Him? For length reasons, I’ve reduced my list to the questions that niggled at my spirit the most. Perhaps you have wondered about the same things. Now, riddle me this:


  1. Where does the OT tell us tell us a man or a man/god would atone for the sins I commit?
  2. What is the criteria for a sin offering or for atonement?
  3. What does Messiah mean?
  4. Is there more than one Messiah mentioned in the OT?
  5. Where do the Prophets announce two comings of the same Messiah?
  6. Did Yeshua meet the criteria for being the End Times Messiah? Did he do what the Scriptures say he would?
  7. What will the ET Messiah even do here on earth, according to Tanakh? Will  he be  a man to be revered, or a god to be worshipped?
  8. If one Name saves, why do we credit a  different name than YHVH’s?
  9. Is there anyone else in the OT that God calls His Son, or the Prince of Peace?
  10. Where does anyone besides YHVH heal in the OT?
  11. Did Yeshua change the words of Torah?
    1. (Ex: I know you’ve heard it said, but I tell you…)
  12. Did Yeshua add to the Word? (And this I add…)
  13. Why are the 4 Gospel accounts of the Passion Narrative so different, if they were Holy-Spirit breathed into the authors?
  14. Why was nothing written for so long after Yeshua walked the earth? Surely seeing God in the flesh would be notable. Yet the NT has books written from (at least) 30 years after his death to over a hundred years after!
  15. Who wrote those Gospel accounts, and had they walked with Yeshua, as implied? (Hint: this one’s for your search engine!)
  16. Why does the NT specifically say they are doing something to fulfill a prophecy? That would be like me saying, “I’m drinking coffee today without my french vanilla creamer, so that prophecy can be fulfilled.”
  17. Are there prophecies mentioned in NT that aren’t even in OT?
  18. Why were Yeshua’s last words about being forsaken?
  19. Are all God’s Feasts about a future “savior”?.
  20. Is hell a different concept in the OT?
  21. Why does NT call satan king of this earth (or prince of this world), giving him authority?
  22. Where are demons, or a devil who can devour our eternal soul,  in OT?
  23. Where is evangelizing in  OT?
  24. Where is antiChrist in OT?
  25. Where is the concept of being born with original sin in OT?
  26. Is it in God’s character to brutally punish the innocent to atone the guilty? Isn’t He the champion of the innocent?
  27. Why does the OT say that the new Covenant would be written on our hearts, and not mention a “new testament”? New writings aren’t mentioned at all.
  28. What was the meaning behind the Pass-Over Lamb? Was it even a sin offering?
  29. Why did Yeshua tell us to symbolically drink his blood when Torah forbids the drinking of blood?
  30. Why would God impregnate another man’s betrothed?


Those are the questions I took into the Tanakh, along with that list of prophecies I mentioned earlier. I did some research on my search engine, too, as well as listen to teachings from both sides of this issue. I wouldn’t vote in an election without considering both sides of an issue, and who I call “King” is so much more important!  After a year, my study ended with me walking away from the cross. I now call God the same thing He calls Himself: ONE. The question marks are gone, and I am finally free from the lies our fathers inherited! The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is finally the God of Terrie C, too!  May His Peace, Truth and Light ever shine on you.