54 Weeks Past the Cross – Passover Ponderings

Looking Through a New Lens
54 Weeks Past the Cross – Passover Ponderings
By Terrie C

Passover will always be a special time for me. If you’ve been following my first year after walking past the cross, this isn’t news to you. What I’m learning is that every year, Passover finds me at a new level of understanding. I saw the Feast of God and its “foreverness” the first time I read the scriptures for myself in my fortieth year. Because I tried to fit Jesus into it, though, its true depth and beauty escaped me. I am a girl who enjoys irony, so it does not escape me that the first thing I learned, that was askew in the writings called the “New” Testament, was the proclaiming of Jesus as the “Passover Lamb”. Learning what the lamb was (and wasn’t), pulled the spiritual rug out from under my feet, and I didn’t find my footing again until I walked past that cross.


My first Passover without Jesus was last year. I was still catching my breath to learn how many things were different after I “ripped” the back out of my Bible! I was seeing the true beauty of redemption for the very first time. This year finds me contemplative and quiet. I’ve read many articles about the different ways of observing (or regarding), Pass Over, and I’ve read and re-read the scriptures that pertain Passover. Who should be at that table and who shouldn’t? What about the instruction to travel to Jerusalem? How does one like myself, who is neither Jew nor Christian, honor God’s Holy Day? That’s where my eyes, heart and mind have been this week. I’ve even been cropping time off on social media since easter rolled around; because it seems like many believers drop the “walk in love” philosophy at this time of year! Perhaps they forget that it’s more important to reflect God’s light than it is to be right.


Na, this year, I am compelled to skip it. I’ve yet to see a great discussion in a comment thread from two (or more) opposing views, scripturally. It ends up a scripture-taken-out-of-context slinging match. I just don’t have the heart to “watch”. These are all people who call God “Father”! Sometimes I fully understand why He sent that flood to wipe everyone out. If it weren’t for the friends on social media who do shine His light and point to Him, I think I’d deactivate my accounts altogether. The internet though, is my only avenue right now to “gather” with others who walk a path similar to mine, and so I’ll stay. I will not, however, be distracted from Passover this year by outside influences. One thing I am learning here on this side of the cross, is that each Holy Day feels brand new every year!


Do to the fact that I am flawed, each year during Passover I always find that I’m in need of deliverance; each year at Passover, I am given, and I accept, the Torah as my instructions to right living; because I need to fully know that God is my source.

Sukkot; also called the Feast of Tabernacles, comes around only once a year as well, and it reminds me how much I need Hashem. Similarly: and because I still occasionally commit a willful (not accidental) sin, Yom Kippur reminds me each year that my spirit will stand naked before my Maker one day to give account. The same line of thinking can be applied to all the Feasts for me! I’ll leave the arguing about the Feasts to others. As for myself, I’m just going to concentrate on the new and deeper meanings that I know each feast will bring to my life personally as time passes.


Thinking on these things brings to mind one more special day on God’s calendar, The Sabbath. Perhaps we can become slack in remembering its deeper implications, too. This weekend, I intend to look at the Sabbath Day through this new lens. Each of the special days God has marked in Scripture deserve our full attention and honor. I intend to focus my attention there, and worry less about what other people are doing, or how they’re doing it!


May the Passover season find you with your face on The Father, and with peace in your heart. What an adventure we are on!


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