Rise and Shine! Mundane

Rise and Shine
Rise and Shine! Mundane
By Terrie C

For Alice, the mundane is a five foot by five foot cubicle at the office. For Bill, it’s a highway paved with missing his family. For Steve, the mundane looks like dirty diapers and sippy cups, while for Julie, it’s going weeks on end without speaking to anyone except her cat, Hubert. The mundane may look different for each of us, but it’s the same long stretch of time in which we feel all of our days looks the same. That’s an incorrect assumption on our part, that each day is the same, because on the other end, we look back and wonder just when things changed. It can be easy to fall into the steady rhythm of the mundane. We can allow the familiar tick-tock of time dragging by to lull us into becoming lax, giving less than our all to the (same old) daily tasks set before us. As long as we live, dirty dishes aren’t going anywhere. The laundry is going to hang out, too. Groceries in, garbage out. Blah, mundane. If we begin to spin our heels in what feels like a rut beneath our feet, before we know it we are barely glowing with God’s light instead of shining it brightly. But take heart, we needn’t lose our “shine” because we are in a dull season! It’s on us to stay connected to The Source of our light, YHVH our God. We do this through repentance of willful sin, times of prayer and careful Scripture study.


If you have found yourself in the season called “mundane”, here are some tips to  help you “Rise and Shine”



  • Take it to The Father: Spend some prayer time on the subject of “mundane”. God is faithful to refresh us and show us beauty and joy in places where it doesn’t even make sense!
  • Take Care of Yourself: Personal health and hygiene are of utmost importance everyday, no matter the situation or circumstance. Diet, rest and cleanliness all contribute to a sense of well-being, and looking our best just feels good, doesn’t it?
  • Approach Scripture with Awe and Reverence: Remember that we find life, hope and faith through Scripture. Never approach it casually, or read it just to have your daily reading checked off your to-do list. Engage more than your eyes in the story that transforms you! Let the words inspire you, set the scene in your mind, enjoy your questions as much as the answers!
  • Change it up! There is almost always a variation that can be made to spice up the mundane. Good china can be used on a Tuesday, new hobbies can be discovered and date nights can be spur of the moment events. Pick flowers on your walk, drive a different route home, stop in at the ice cream parlour. Get creative and find ways to add color to your mundane seasons!
  • Check Your Thoughts: Everything you are and everything you do generates from your thought life. Mastering your thoughts takes discipline and practice, but will propel you through seasons of the mundane. Understand that each day matters, and that ruts are only ruts, they are not a permanent condition. Mastering your thoughts will also make it so much easier to accomplish the next tip…
  • Speak Life: Speak life to yourself, and to everyone you meet! Practice using words of affirmation and gratitude. Even our “day after day” tasks (like dirty dishes and dirty laundry) are reasons to be thankful! Without food, we’d have nothing to wash, and without clothes, well, we’d just be in a world of difficulty, LOL! Catch yourself if wrong words begin to tumble out of your mouth, and turn them around to make them words of light instead of shadows.
  • Decide: We hear a lot about our “authority” in some religious circles. Here is a place where we really do have some! We decide if the mundane will be a rut we get stuck in, or a season with purpose, peace and joy in our lives. If we’re wavering in our decision to blossom through the mundane, then we need to start back at square one with repentance, prayer and careful Scripture study.



As long as we’re wearing these coats of flesh, there are going to be times that seem long and meaningless in our lives. In our Creator’s economy, though, nothing need be wasted. What seems mundane for us may play an important part of our “bigger picture”. Perhaps we are being prepared for something. Perhaps we are being given some solitude for introspection, or maybe we’re being tested to see how brightly we still shine when there is no spotlight on us. The book of Ecclesiastes says there is a time and a season for everything. Being believers, we can #BeStillandKnow this includes seasons of the mundane. Let’s Rise and Shine right through them! ~Terrie C