59 Weeks Past the Cross – The “Messy” of Messianics

Looking Through a New Lens
59 Weeks Past the Cross – The “Messy” of Messianics
By Terrie C

I was a Messianic Christian long before I ever heard the term. If you’ve been following for a while, you already know I didn’t lay eyes on Scripture until I was 40, eleven years ago. I started a systematic reading of the Bible. I started in Matthew, like all the “good” Christians told me to. As thirsty as I was for God, it didn’t take me long to work my way into Genesis. From there, the words “forever” and “throughout your generations” popped out at me in a huge way. Surely, I thought, an unchanging God does not change His mind about such precisely defined words! I hounded every pastor I met with my questions about “forever and throughout your generations’ and got a plethora of answers. One pastor really astounded me with the answer “The Catholic Church changed it”. Then he moved on to the next subject quickly, like it was perfectly understandable and acceptable that anyone changed God’s statutes about anything! I moved forward, but this area was far from settled in myself. I also questioned pastors about Jesus admitting to adding a commandment. From John 13: A new commandment I give to you…. Clearly, God commanded that His words cannot be added to or subtracted from!

~You shall not add to the word which I command you, nor take anything from it”~ Deuteronomy 4


Y’all know what the pastors said about that, right? That Jesus was God in man form, and that He could add or subtract if He wanted. They left me scratching my head, and struggling to take certain things “on faith” and not on whether or not they contradicted what God said in the beginning of the Bible. As I looked for answers on my own, I found the “Messianic Movement” and the “Hebrew Roots” people online. Finally! Someone who saw that The Sabbath fell under the “forever and throughout your generations” category! And the “Law” and the Holy Days! We threw some tzitzit on Jesus and proclaimed him a very Jewish-sounding Yeshua”, a man who kept the Law, the Sabbath and the Feasts.


While in the Messianic Movement, new questions arose. I was part of a group of people who were heralding solidarity with the land of Israel and the Jewish people and those who stood with them. We changed our diets and said we ate “kosher”, which, BTW, we did not. “Kosher” entails so much more than skipping a BLT! But I digress. Messianics like I was claimed to place Torah above everything else. We celebrated the Holy Days blowing our righteous shofars. We donned tzitzit and spent our time showing the Christians how wrong their doctrine was. We went about in our best Zechariah 8:23 fashion:

~Thus saith the Lord of hosts: ‘In those days it shall come to pass that ten men out of all the languages of the nations shall take hold, even shall take hold of the skirt of him that is a Jew, saying, “We will go with you, for we have heard that God is with you.”~


We said that everything the Jews (and those who stood with them) did was spot on except for one tiny detail. They didn’t know squat, we thought, about God’s plan for our eternal salvation. Yep, the ones who only follow the “Old” Testament got everything right EXCEPT for how we are “saved”. Typing this looks silly to me now, it doesn’t even make sense, does it? That all of the Old Testament would be true except for the parts where God says He is ONE and will not share His glory with another. All the parts except that the ones that say our  only way to forgiveness is repentance. All of the parts except where it says it will be by His Name that every knee bows. The so-called new testament outright contradicts that, saying we will bow to Yeshua’s name. All the parts except where it says that if anyone tried to introduce us to a god who wasn’t at Sinai the day the Law was given that we should part ways with them. All of the parts except the ones that say we are accountable for our own deeds and our misdeeds. Something wasn’t right, I knew that I knew that I knew it couldn’t be both ways! Messy, isn’t it?


Since leaving the movement, my  “religion” isn’t messy anymore. The Tanakh (Old Testament) stands without the “new” perfectly. The complete plan for a soul who walks with God can be found therein. Nothing’s missing, no need to cram in a person who has a human mother and God for a father. By definition, that’s a demi-god.


Messianics, you are so close! Keep seeking. Ask God if He would break His own Law and impregnate another man’s betrothed. Ask Him if He would have us pretending we are drinking blood, another sin in His eyes. Ask Him if we should be singing “It’s all about you, Jesus”, or when human sacrifice became an acceptable sin offering to Him (something else His own Law calls sin). If anyone except the Jews (and those who stand therewith) would be the ones the nations will turn to for learning about God, that verse in Zechariah would read differently or wouldn’t exist at all. I am not advocating conversion to Judaism, and Jews don’t either. That is a personal decision between you and God. I’m just taking the Scriptures at face value, and they tell us right where to look to learn about Him. To those He deemed a light for the nations. I am only saying the things God has said about Himself and about the days to come.


If it isn’t in the Tanakh, then it isn’t. It’s that simple…nothing messy about it!


“See”  you soon! May the peace of God rest on you 🙂