18 Months Past the Cross

Looking Through a New Lens
18 Months Past the Cross
By: Terrie C

September 10th marked 18 months since I walked past the cross, and all of Christianity’s teachings. It’s been a time of growth for me in the places I didn’t even know I needed growth. For the first time since I started walking with God 12 years ago, matters of the spirit make sense to me! This path has led me to self-discovery, a necessity that facilitates my interactions with my Creator. We can only transcend that which we know. Without understanding of self, how can we fully connect with anyone? After I stopped trying to cram a demi-god into the Torah Scriptures, a clearer picture of faith and belief emerged. After I realized that “original sin” wasn’t an original concept in Scripture, I was able to look at my own sin in a different way. I was not born prone to sin. I was born with the capacity to do good or do evil. And with the free will to make that choice every day. Several times a day, as a matter of fact! Getting rid of the “original sin” doctrine was just one area of clarification on my journey down this ancient path. Without the so-called “new” Testament in my studies, other doctrines that used to be stumbling blocks for me are gone, too. Some have taken longer than others to “shake”, and I deal with each of those as they surface in my life. So, what’s so different in my spiritual life, other than the fact that I no longer call Yeshua (Jesus) my Lord and Savior? Everything! Here are some of the doctrines from the “NT” that I no longer hold, and that no longer hold me.

Blood is the only atonement for sin (from the book of Hebrews).

Hogwash! Search it out in the Tanakh (the “Old” Testament). Do a study on the sacrifices. It’s eye-opening! While you’re there, note what The Almighty says about human sacrifice. Saying Yeshua wasn’t human, but God Himself, doesn’t work, either. Our God has no form, is not a man and cannot die. Nor does He forgive a sin before we’ve even committed it. Forgiveness comes after repentance, period.

Christians will do what Yeshua “did”, and more (from John 14).

Gosh, this one should be self-evident in its wrongness, but yet it is a doctrine still clung to by the church. If this doctrine was accurate, we wouldn’t still be attending untimely funerals. There wouldn’t be hospitals for children with cancer. No one would go to bed hungry tonight. Search out miracles and healing in the Tanakh and you will find they are all of God, by God and (here’s a kicker) FOR God.

Satan seeks to devour us (from 1 Peter).

Christianity gives so much power to this “supernatural” creature! Enough power to usurp God’s authority and to devour God’s own children. The Tanakh calls this force our adversary, even our accuser. It can be a person, or  a spiritual force, but an adversary is NEVER above the Creator of all. In fact, every adversary that comes against us is sent by God. This can be for testing, for maturation, or even to knock us off our “high horse” when we get to believing we’re more righteous than we actually are. If we walk around simply rebuking this force (like the book of James instructs)  we are missing out on some valuable learning opportunities! God has no formidable opponent and no equal. Never has, never will.

“When two or more agree in prayer, God will hear and grant the prayer” (from Matthew)

Again, the evidence speaks for itself. This is not how prayer works, and certainly not how God works. He most definitely answers prayer, but not because of any formula of man’s making. Truth be told, “If one turns away his ear from hearing the law, even his prayer is an abomination” (Proverbs 28) We should think on that before we petition Him in prayer for ourselves or on behalf of another.

These, my friends, were just some of the doctrines I’ve had to cleanse from my system! There are more, but these are right on top of my pile. I’d be interested to learn which doctrines were paramount for you to let go of when you came to call only YHVH your redemption, salvation and hope. Your comments and questions are so important!

18 months ago, I didn’t have a clue of just how much change was in store for me! I decided then that I wouldn’t move forward in my journey until I’d completed a Torah cycle without Yeshua’s blood splashed all over the pages. I’d been told to “take it on faith” that he belonged in those Torah Portions, but without him, the story becomes so much clearer! We’re almost to the end of the Torah cycle I had decided to remain still for, and simply know that God is One. Without my even realizing it, God has nudged me in a specific direction, and I am excited about that! In fact, I am excited for each new day I’m granted. In every new day, I am granted the opportunity to learn more about God, to put my knowledge into practice, and to examine my deeds and motives through this new lens! Life is good 🙂

I’ll “see” you soon, friends! ~Terrie C