Torah Full Throttle: Ths is Torah Portion 14 (Parshat Va’eira)

Join us in presenting “Torah Full Throttle”. This is Torah Portion 14 (Parshat Va’eira). We will cover Moses and Aaron’s dealings with Pharaoh and the beginning of the plagues. Through this discussion we will learn through Moses’ and Israel’s maturing, as well as Pharaoh’s failings .


Torah Tidbits Parshat Va’eira, Pt 6, Exodus 8:19-9:16

Join us for Today’s Torah Tidbits; “bugs, bulls and boils”. We are in the 14th Torah Portion (Parshat Va’eira), 6th reading (Exodus 8:199:16). Bugs and more bugs; the plagues of the gnats segues into the plague of the “biting” insects (Psalm 78:45). We then move onto plagues 5 and 6, the cattle and the boils. Also, God tells Pharaoh the reason he is spared.

Torah Tidbit Parshat Va’eira; Pt 3 Exodus 6:29-7:7

Join us in “Today’s Toarh Tidbit”, the 14th Torah Portion (Parshat Va’eira), 4th Reading (Exodus 6:29-7:7). Here we will talk about what it really meant for God to have Moses be a god before Pharaoh. We will also explore why the Exodus needed to be so significant.

Torah Tidbits – Parasha Va’eira: Pt 1 Exodus 6:2-13

This is a study of Exodus 6:2 – 13. God confirms His promises with Israel, however, Israel might have a change of heart (Ex. 6:9). Joins us for our readings throughout the week. At week’s end we will have “Torah Full Throttle” a combination of all readings