End Times Prophecy.


Center for Tanakh Based Studies

By: William J Jackson


Everyone wants to know what tomorrow will bear, that’s why the weatherman is probably the most listened to and scrutinized person.  Thus, for many of us that follow God, “end time” prophecies or eschatology, is a very important topic.  In this type of study, it is not only important to interpret what future events will look like, but one must know where they are at on this timeline.   Looking at Damascus, we can tell not only what tomorrow will present, but where we are at in relationship to it.

Currently Damascus is in the process of being destroyed.  As we turn towards Isaiah 17 it open with the destruction of Damascus and ends with God destroying Israel’s enemies.  This end time road map is drawn from  verses one through fourteen.

Phase I Decline

  1. Syria will be destroyed. Damascus is the capital of Syria, thus it symbolizes Syria as a country.  So, when the capital is destroyed, the country usually follows suit.  This is confirmed in verse 3 where it implies the Syrian Government (Damascus Royalty) will end.


  1. Israel will also suffer and become weakened. Some may be waiting for the day that Israel destroys Syria but that day will only happen after Israel gets right with God.  Prior to then, Israel will suffer (verses 4-6, 8,9, 11).  Conversely, Israel will have what appears to be success but it will be hollow (verse 11).  So why will Israel suffered? Easy, verse 10, they have turned away from God.  Currently, Israel is secular.


Israel is Secular:  When the idea of Zionism was introduced by Theodor Herzl (the founder of the World Zionist Organization), his concept was that Israel would be devoid of religious influence.  Currently, in Israel the population is about 75% Jewish1, and of those Jews 41%2 are secular.  As testimony to this, Israel, unlike the Torah, does not believe in capital punishment (Genesis 9:6, Exodus 21:12, Leviticus 24:17). Likewise, Israel is very progressive in with issues of homosexuality (Leviticus 18:22, 20:13). These are just a couple of examples to testify to Israel’s secularism, there is much more (Freedom of Religion in Israel”. Jewish Virtual Library. Retrieved 17 October 2011).

Phase II Attacking Israel

On this day, foreign Armies will attack Israel (verse 12).  This is also confirmed in Zechariah 14:2 and Joel 3:2.

Phase III God Intercedes:

Verses 7 tells us that on that day, Israel will turn to God and God will defeat Israel’s enemies (verses 13-14). This is echoed in Ezekiel 38:1-39:24, Zechariah 12:2-5, 14:12, Psalm 83.

As we have been watching the destruction of Damascus since 2011, it is easy to see that we are upon end times.  However, Damascus being destroyed doesn’t equal Damascus destroyed, so this puts us at the beginning of that last hour. As for the bigger picture, Israel’s last battle will not just be with Syria, it will be with Turkey, Iran, Ethiopia, Libya, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Yemen perhaps representation from Iraq3.  So, in this countdown clock, we are right at the beginning of Isaiah 17.  The significance of this week is that Syria alleges that Israel bombed their military Airport at Damascus, retaliation is forth coming.  The timer has been pushed.



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