Four Years Past the Cross (Happy Pesach)

BY: TCLeach

My favorite time of the year is here!

Pesach (Passover)  2018 will mark four years since I walked away from Yeshua (Jesus) and all things Christian. As most of you know, I chronicled my first year right here at the “Center for Tanakh Based Studies” site. I was so astounded to find that Jesus wasn’t the only thing different once one has ripped the “new testament” out of the back of the Bible. Everything is different! I wanted to share everything I was learning and to encourage others who questioned the doctrines in the Christian writings.

And then I got real quiet. I realized I had no magic key to Heaven, I was only a girl relating the best I could to a God no one has all figured out. I stopped writing publicly about something as personal as my walk with my Creator.

Many of you have reached out since my “Walking Past the Cross” series ended, and I appreciate that so much! I think of y’all often, too, and so I thought I’d drop by and say hello, and wish every one of you a meaningful and peaceful Pesach!

And to fill you in on how life looks after all the dust that rises when one walks away from the cross settles.

Just because I do not post all the time about God, it doesn’t mean He isn’t at the center of my life. As a matter of fact, He is bigger and more real to me now than He was when I flashed Jesus as my “stay out of hell free” card. Oh, I remember how afraid I used to be of hell! LOL! Perhaps that’s part of the draw to Jesus for some people. They, like I used to, believe that someone else’s good merit can pay for their sin.

To think we wouldn’t be held accountable for our own actions by a loving and just God makes me giggle now.

To think He is small enough to only have one path to Him makes me giggle, too. The more I walk this path, the more I see truth in the old quote by Kahlil Gibran that says…

“God made the truth with many doors to welcome every believer who knocks on them.”

Of course, He did!

Who are any of us to think we know the only way to be a child of God?

I best relate to Him as the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. I am not Jewish, nor will I convert, but I do “get” their Scriptures, and can see so much in history that backs it up. I lean toward Kabbalistic teachings these days, which use the Torah (First five books Scripture) and Judaism as their base. I glean wisdom there, as well as from Rabbis and the Sages. I worry less about the rules and rituals and more about walking in a way that honors God and benefits other people. After all, the bottom line of any Godly religion is what we do, not so much what we believe at any given point in our lives.

And so I say less and post less these days, and do more. God is the force that drives me, and I will walk in His way, His Truth and His Light (Torah) all of the days of my life.

Happy Pesach, friends! May the Creator of all draw you ever nearer to Himself.

~Terrie C

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