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558116_10150989930837690_961848309_nCenter for Tanakh Based Studies

Here at “Center for Tanakh Based Studies” we only use HaShem’s instructions from Torah/Tanakh to teach and train. We are not affiliated with any sect or denomination of any kind (i.e. Christianity, Judaism, etc. etc.); nor do we teach their beliefs or traditions.If it’s not in YHVH’s written word, we do not teach it.

“Center for Tanakh Based Studies” is now serving the greater New England area.

The center is designed specifically for those desiring to study Torah/Tanakh and our community is open to everyone.

We welcome all to participate in the study of God’s written word. If you are interested in joining our community we would love to have you visit.

The environment is casual, and full of joy and we look forward to you joining us in the study of HaShem’s written word.

4 thoughts on “About Us

  1. I am connected to both of you on Facebook, but have no luck in connecting there with TC Leach – the FB link listed on your blog doesn’t work. How do I get her Facebook posts? Thanks! Wayne Millheim

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  2. Hi I wondering if you are familiar with Nehemiah Gordon? He also only goes by the written Tanakh. I love listening to him teach. His website is nehemiahswall.com
    Maybe he could contribute some articles? Shalom and keep up the good work that yall do.


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