Authors Bio


William J Jackson is the founder and director of “Center for Tanakh Based Studies.”

William facilitates and teaches Tanakh based classes to the local community, as well as hosting Torah study groups. He also conducts an outreach program to a local prison, as a way to deliver Tanakh teachings to the incarcerated. He is a facilitator at Life Source International Inc. where he helps assist families in need, and as well ; he provides PTSD guidance for veterans and those that have experienced trauma. Danielle, his wife, participates in these outreach programs as well, and is a strong behind the scenes force that makes much of “Center for Tanakh Based Studies” what it is.

As a First Sergeant with the US Army, William established a reputation for providing an environment of high moral standing. He was a member of the McConnell Air Force Base Chapel Action Committee in Wichita, Kansas. In addition to these responsibilities he was also active in the Airmen Outreach program, and was very involved with the base senior leadership in prayer and morality training. As a combat veteran with a purple heart, he was often sought out by soldiers in needed of counseling for trauma. William’s 30 year career with the US Army provides him with invaluable skills and experiences that assist him to this day in his duties as the director of “Center for Tanakh Based Studies.”

William’s most recent endeavors has lead him to a Bachelor’s degree in Theological Studies and he’s presently continuing on to obtain his Masters degree. He continues to pursue his education of Torah and Tanakh by studying HaShem’s written word on a daily basis, with the zealous desire to share his knowledge with other Tanakh observant followers. William and Danielle embrace this journey that God has them on and they continue to joyously welcome new people into their community.

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